Who we are

We are a boutique communications firm dedicated to serving the vibrant multicultural community of Miami. With a profound understanding of the local landscape and the Hispanic market, we infuse passion, versatility, and creativity into every project. From dynamic events to engaging activations and culturally relevant initiatives in soccer, music, and entertainment, we provide accessible and flexible solutions tailored to your needs. With MAR6, bring your vision to life in the heart of Miami.

Connecting is what We do!

Our COnsultancy Firm

About Consultancy Firm

In a sea of business opportunities, every enterprise charts its unique course. Our passion lies in forging impactful connections, fully understanding each client’s vision and goals.

We are passionate, detail-oriented, and versatile believers in the power of connection. We advocate an omnichannel approach for a cohesive customer experience, bridging gaps and fostering growth.

Our mission: empower clients with strategic communication solutions. Our vision: be the catalyst for success in a dynamic digital landscape. We excel in crafting narratives and executing data-driven campaigns, dedicated to excellence.

Partnering with diverse industries, from start-ups to corporations, we are a multicultural, Miami-based consultancy specializing in Strategy, Creativity, Brand Activations, and Events. We are strategic, innovative, and authentic.

Connecting is what we do!

We do it all: Communications, Strategies, Creativity, Big Ideas, Graphic Design, PR, Events, Activations, Brand Activations, Copywriting, Website Design, Paid Media, Influencer Marketing, and Social Media Management. We work around your necessities!

Ideas only become powerful when they’re communicated to the right audience. In MAR6, connect is what we do because we know people!

We always stay on top of the latest technology and trends advancements to make clients’ communication and sales processes more efficient and to reach objective audiences easily and quickly. We’re not afraid of new technologies, which we embrace because we understand they help harness your company’s full potential and pave the way for innovative solutions that only propel your business forward!

After a very exciting, learning experience of over 10 years, we do understand your business.

We know every dollar counts. So, we’re cost-effective and competitive, something we can afford because after 10+ years of experience, we always start by understanding our client’s business goal and only then do we create a strategy with actions that respond to the brand’s necessities. We can make it happen with your budget!

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What We do

Our business is to grow your business!

Growing but lacking the budget for a full in-house team? No worries! We’ll become your marketing and communications team, connecting your brand to its audience, stakeholders, and allies. We craft marketing campaigns tailored to your needs, helping your business attract the attention it seeks.

Our multicultural team brings diverse ideas and the tools to elevate your business.
Connecting is what we do… Trust us!

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Feeling like saying hello or getting straight to business?

Just give us a call or send us a message and we’ll get right back at you!


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